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What makes you happy?

International day of happiness 2019

Today, we want to celebrate the little things that make you smile, from a good memory to your first cup of tea in the morning.



Research shows we're happiest between the ages of 65 and 79. Later life can be free from the stresses and strains of work and the responsibility of caring for children, but it can also be tough at times.

As our bodies become less willing to cooperate, it's harder to do everything we did when we were younger. And that can make it difficult to stay positive. But there is beauty in the small things that make us smile – in the memory of our children being born, in listening to our favourite radio show and being grateful for our family and friends.

That's why we asked around about people's happiest memories, their favourite part of the everyday, and what they think about when they're feeling a bit down. And we'd love to know what makes you happy, too.

"Gratitude is really important for happiness and for positivity."

Helen Russell, author and journalist

I love being able to help people. If I can make just one person smile or laugh during the day then I've achieved something worthwhile.

Dick Evans, Age UK Milton Keynes volunteer

A text from one of my grandchildren.


Family, friends, pets and ice cream.


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Last updated: Oct 23 2023

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