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Dilnot Commission

On Monday 4 July 2011, the Commission on Funding of Care and Support (the Dilnot Commission) delivered its recommendations on the future funding of care and support.

Read about the current situation on care funding, and what we would like to see from care reform.

What’s happening on care?

The Dilnot Commission was set up in July 2010 by David Cameron's coalition Government, tasked with making recommendations for changes to the funding of care and support in England. It published its recommendations on 4 July 2011. The independent Commission is chaired by the economist Andrew Dilnot.

Social care is the name given to the range of care and support services that help frail and disabled people remain independent, active and safe - for example, help with getting out of bed, bathing and preparing cooked meals.

Social care provided by councils is currently means-tested. That means that those who are above a particular threshold are charged in part or in full for their care.

Those who need residential care or long-term support can pay thousands of pounds for care over their lifetime, and some have to sell their home to pay for this.

The Dilnot Commission

There is no doubt that reform is needed quickly to support people using care services currently, as well as preparing better care for future users.

The key test of the Government’s response is whether it will commit to publish a White Paper by Easter, including details on how the new proposals will be funded.

The Dilnot Commission published its recommendations on 4 July 2011.

Read the full report from the Commission

Overview of key proposals

Andrew Dilnot has suggested the following proposals

Frequently asked questions

What happened next?

In April 2015, some aspects of The Care Act came into force. The remaining changes have been delayed until April 2020.

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Last updated: Apr 15 2021

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