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Age UK responds to National Housing Federation research on 'hidden' baby boomers hit by the housing crisis

By: Age UK
Published on 29 April 2018 11:00 PM

New research published by the National Housing Federation reveals the staggering numbers of 'hidden' baby boomers that have been hit by the housing crisis. 

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK said: 

"This important new report completely blows out of the water the misplaced assumption that the over-50s have universally hit the housing jackpot, showing instead that significant numbers lack safe, warm, and suitable accommodation capable of meeting their needs as they age.Tragically, it is clear that our national housing crisis is increasingly an all age crisis, especially since rising numbers of older people are being forced into the private rented sector where quality is notoriously patchy.

"Decent accommodation is not only essential for our health and well-being, that of older people especially, it is a basic human right. However, too many older private renters are in housing that is in disrepair or unfit for habitation, putting their health at risk, or living in fear of exorbitant rent increases or forced eviction.

"The Government must urgently look into how the private rented sector can work better for older people, now and into the future when all the projections show the numbers of older private renters are sure to rise.

"Nor are private renters the only older people whose housing needs are not being met: the report rightly points out that many in declining health in tenures of all kinds are waiting endlessly for help with aids and adaptations that either comes too late or doesn't come at all, jeopardising their ability to live independently as a result. Improving this must be a core focus of the Government's forthcoming Social Care Green Paper."

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