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Reports and briefings

We publish reports and briefings on a vast range of topics, including loneliness, age-friendly banking and social care.

Active communities

We believe that everybody should be able to play a full role in our communities, whether this is through work, volunteering or civil action, helped by age-friendly neighbourhoods, good transport links and digital technology that meets our needs.


Policy Briefing: Living in a digital world after Covid-19 the experience of older people who don’t live their lives online

Digital inclusion and older people – how have things changed in a Covid-19 world?


Lapsed users report, March


Estimating needs report, November


Digital Inclusion Evidence Review, November

The Economic Contribution of Older People (398KB)

Everything is online nowadays (800 KB)


Painful Journeys in-depth policy report, December (2 MB)

Creating a 'Career MOT at 50' discussion paper, October (493 KB)

Making intergenerational connections - evidence review, June (1.4 MB)

Behind the headlines report: Why the employment rate does not tell the whole story about working longer, April (556 KB)

Age-friendly business report, February (495 KB)


Housing benefit cuts and supported housing briefing, January (109 KB)

Older people and power loss: floods and storms report, February (568 KB)

Free bus pass briefing, February (270 KB)

Zero hours contracts briefing, May (524 KB)

Age-friendly places guide, June (282 KB)

Walking the tightrope: the challenges of combining work and care in later life report, July (1,384 KB)

The Internet and Older People in the UK: Key Statistics, July (461 KB)

After the EU Referendum: Policy priorities for older people briefing, September (213 KB)

Transport infrastructure briefing, September (188 KB)

Helping 50+ jobseekers back to work report, November (1,091 KB)


Age Opportunity, A best practice guide for recruiters briefing (114 KB)

Life Offline: What life is like for older people who don’t use the internet report, May (3,106 KB)

The Future of Transport in an Ageing Society report, June (690 KB)

Researching Age-Friendly Communities report: Stories from older people as co-investigators, July (8,025 KB)

Later life in a digital world, December (1,060 KB)

Earlier reports

Digital inclusion evidence review, September 2013 (1,003 KB)

A means to many ends: Older workers' experiences of flexible working, September 2012 (3,767 KB)

The impact of the age regulations five years on briefing, October 2011 (353 KB)

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Care and support
Equality and human rights
Health and wellbeing

We're working to see more and more of us living well in later life, with access to high quality health and care services when we need them.


Loneliness and Covid-19 - December 2021

The Impact of COVID-19 on older people's mental and physical health: one year on


Health, care and cash: Improving the lives of older people in Red Wall England, October


Age UK Briefing - State of Health and Care of Older People, July (PDF, 997KB)

More Harm Than Good


Promising Approaches to Living Well with Dementia (February 2018)


Painful Journeys in-depth policy report, December (2 MB)

The health and care of older people in England report, February (2 MB)



Predicting the prevalence of loneliness at older ages report, January (1,171 KB)

Excess winter deaths briefing for MPs, June (398 KB)

Hidden in plain sight: The unmet mental health needs of older people report, October (1,089 KB)

No one should have no one report, October (636 KB)


Improving later life for people with sight loss, RNIB summary (708 KB)

Improving later life for people with sight loss, RNIB full report (1,229 KB)

Promising approaches to reducing loneliness and isolation in later life report, January (1,546 KB)

Improving later life: Vulnerability and resilience in older people report, April (629 KB)

Lonelines in later life evidence review, June (881 KB)

Loneliness at local and neighbourhood level report, July (279 KB)

The Age UK almanac of disease profiles in later life, October (2,146 KB)


Understanding the lives of older people living with frailty report, March (1,626 KB)

Cognitive decline and dementia evidence review, October (767 KB)

NHS Five Year Forward View report, October (912 KB)

What is preventing progress? Time to move from talk to action on reducing preventable illness, November (709 KB)

I'm Still Me: A narrative for coordinated support for older people, December (1,405 KB)

Services for older people - what works, March (1.6 MB)

Earlier reports

Improving Later Life: Understanding the oldest old, February 2013 (1,225 KB)

End of Life Evidence Review, October 2013 (646 KB)

Health care quality for an active later life, May 2013 (3,937 KB)

Securing dignity in care for older people in hospitals and care homes, June 2012 (974 KB)

Healthy ageing evidence review, April 2011 (2, 474 KB)

Improving later life: Ageing well, July 2011 (2,182 KB)

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Money matters

We cover state and private pensions, welfare benefits, poverty and financial disadvantage, banking and financial services.


Poverty in later life briefing, January 2022


Behind_the_Headlines: Short-changed

Ethnicity and financial disadvantage in later life

Benefit take-up and older people


Fixing the freedoms – helping smaller savers get the most out of the pension reforms, June 2019

Behind the headlines: the age gap tax

Struggling on – experiences of financial hardship in later life

Benefit changes for mixed age couples, February


Women's pensions, expenditure and decision-making in retirement

The Age UK 'Your Money MOT' impact evaluation

Financial resillience during retirement – Summary (600 KB)

Financial resillience during retirement – Stage 2: Qualitative research with retired people, January (1 MB) 


Financial resillience during retirement – Stage one: Literature review, November (854 KB)

Spring Budget briefing, March (176 KB)

Financial Guidance and Claims Bill briefing, July (173 KB)

Triple lock briefing, July (383 KB)

Autumn Budget briefing, September (425 KB)


Age-friendly banking report, April (2,070 KB)

Age-friendly banking infographic (46 KB)

Bank branch closure briefing, August (170 KB)

Attendance Allowance survey report, September (710 KB)

Autumn Statement briefing, October (507 KB)

Working later, waiting longer: The impact of rising State Pension age report, November (2,874 KB)


The Winter fuel payment briefing, April (358 KB)

Age UK's Chief Economist's report, Summer (902 KB)

Attitudes to a secondary annuity market survey report, July (387 KB)

Financial abuse evidence review, November (748 KB)

Earlier reports

Dashboards and jam-jars: Defined Contribution pension pots and retirement income report, December 2014 (2,443 KB)

Poverty in later life evidence review, 2014 (763 KB)

Neighbourhood effects and pension protection amongst ethnic minorities, September 2014 (351 KB)

Building an income for retirement report, September 2014 (5,733 KB)

Ethnicity and occupational pension membership in the UK report, September 2014 (527 KB)

Pension receipt in the UK, September 2014 (319 KB)

Transitions in older age, December 2013 (316 KB)

Problem Debt Among Older People, June 2013 (456 KB)

Financial Services Commission

Age UK held a commission on financial services. The commission looked at how to improve financial resilience in later life with the aim of setting out a roadmap of actions to be taken by the industry, regulators and Government.

The Financial Services Commission report sets out our roadmap for industry, Government and regulators to take to improve the financial resilience of our ageing society.

Financial resilience in later life report, June (981 KB)

Accompanying the report are supporting pieces of research and provocations:

Generation R report: risk, resilience, ready for ageing? June (674 KB)

The financial resilience of the recently retired, Pensions Policy Institue report, June (399 KB)

Roundtable discussion: is it too late to save? Financial Services Commission presentation, December (364 KB)

What next for generation R? Resolution Foundation briefing, December (328 KB)

Resilience of recent retirees, Just Retirement briefing, January (256 KB)

RImproving income for recently retired, Mercer briefing, June (PDF 33 KB)

Later older age: how do you maintain control and stay financially included? Toynbee Hall briefing, March (PDF 316 KB)

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