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3 ways to tackle climate change

Phil Kingston sitting on his sofa and smiling

Growing old and getting green

Phil Kingston tells us his top tips for protecting the planet for future generations.


Phil Kingston is 82 years old, and he's passionate about saving the planet. "That's because I've got 4 grandchildren who I am greatly concerned about," he says. We asked him what changes individuals can make to do their bit in reducing climate change.

Connect with your community

"This subject of climate breakdown is a very difficult one to take in," says Phil. "It's something the human race has never met before and we're dealing with enormous issues. But to acknowledge that it's a very difficult subject to take in is a good starting point."

Humans thrive on connection, and ultimately we are more powerful together than we are alone. That's why Phil's first tip is to connect with likeminded people who also want to make a difference. He explains that support systems help us to "face our reality" and find ways to make meaningful change.

"I would have at least one kind of buddy who I can be honest with, and join an affinity group which is taking action. They can get into actions when it's harder for one or two individuals to. And sign up to an organisation that gives information and support on climate change issues," Phil suggests.

Use a renewable energy supplier

In recent years, we've seen energy suppliers starting to offer electricity from entirely renewable sources. That means all your energy comes from solar panels, wind turbines and hydropower (also known as water power). By using renewable energy, we reduce the amount of carbon we release into the atmosphere.

So Phil suggests "what we can all do is get our energy from a source which is 100% renewables."

Energy suppliers

We've got lots of information and advice on switching energy suppliers and getting the best deal.

Fly less

"At the moment, there's almost no cap on flying," says Phil. "The taxes are neither here nor there, and it's often cheaper to fly than to go by train."

"But the costs in terms of emissions are enormous, so it's important to fly only when essential."

"People are in different places, and I understand that completely. It's a very important way for families to keep in touch. But going abroad because there are so many lovely places to see and we've got the money increasingly seems to be rather unwise because of the effect on the climate."

"And going abroad for meetings which could be done by video meeting isn't sensible."

"So finding ways of cutting back radically our flying seems very important," explains Phil.

But although he's worried about our planet, he ends on a positive note: "Activism keeps you going for years! I recommend particularly to any elders who are listening to come along and have a lot of fun. I'm keeping going for years. I'm very fortunate to be enjoying my life."

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Last updated: Feb 23 2023

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