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63% of Britons 'do not have a will'

Published on 31 January 2012 12:30 PM

More than half of Britons have not drawn up a will, with most not doing so as they feel they do not have enough assets to make it worthwhile, according to a survey.

A total of 63% of 2,028 adults quizzed admitted they do not have a will in place should the worst happen. More than half (57%) of married or co-habiting respondents said they had no such provision.

The poll, commissioned by investment managers Brewin Dolphin, found not having enough possessions is the most popular reason for not doing so (30%).

Feeling too young (24%), not seeing it as important (24%) and viewing it as too morbid (13%) were other popular excuses.

ICM, which carried out the research, found that the arrival of children (18%) was the most popular reason for sorting out affairs.

Other motivation cited include reaching a certain age (15%), getting married (13%) and taking out a mortgage (12%).

Brewin Dolphin head of corporate affairs Charlotte Black said: 'Will-making should definitely be on the 2012 resolution lists for 63% of British residents.

'If they didn't have one and died suddenly, their estate could go to a relative who they wouldn't necessarily choose to benefit.'

Gordon Morris, Managing Director of Age UK Enterprises, said: 'We advise people of all ages, but particularly those in later life, to plan ahead and put their affairs in order. Don't put off important decisions. Not having a will means you have no control over your possessions when you're gone, which can cause additional distress for your loved ones during a difficult time.'

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