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Age UK calls on businesses to become more age-friendly

Published on 02 February 2017 12:01 AM

In a wake-up call to businesses, Age UK has urged for a more age-friendly approach as over 65s believe they are overlooked as consumers.

  • Almost half of those over 65 believe that retailers have little interest in the needs of older people
  • Over 65s say their priorities when shopping are parking, manned checkouts and staff politeness
  •  In response to this, Age UK has published a report with its eight top tips for creating an age-friendly business environment.

Older households spend an estimated total of £145 billion per year on goods and services, but four in ten of those over 65 believe businesses have little interest in their consumer needs.

The needs of older consumers

The report, ‘Age-friendly business: valuing and including older customers,' provides an interesting insight into the priorities of shoppers over 65.

Download the report (494 KB)

Focus groups showed that seats in stores, accessible toilets and staff politeness are key to a decent shopping experience. A quarter of all those over 65 ranked parking as their number one priority. An adequate number of manned checkouts was another concern.

How to be more age-friendly

The report argues that the exclusion of older customers creates resentment and frustration, as well as wasted opportunities for businesses.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK:

"We have a growing population of discerning older consumers who know what they want, and retailers and other businesses who understand that and respond well can look forward to a really successful future."

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Last updated: Dec 05 2018

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