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Age UK shop has it in the bag

Published on 18 October 2012 11:01 PM

An Age UK shop in Lancashire has found an innovative way to encourage people to donate stock and caused a bit of a stir in the process.


The shop in Darwen, nr Blackburn, has taken a novel approach to a window display by dressing their models and other accessories in Age UK donation bags.

Shop manager Shelley Blackburn explains how it came about. 'We were asked to create a window display to encourage people to donate stock, so we tried something different. Each model was dressed using around 25 bags and we reused old bags where possible.'

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Window display in Darwen

'Each dress took around an hour to make at home,' says Shelley, who created the display with Deputy Shop Manager Rosey Shone. 'We came in on Sunday afternoon and it took around 2 hours to cover all the accessories and complete the windows.'

Talk of the town

So has the town noticed the change? 'The window has created a lot of attention for our stock appeal,' says Shelley. 'When we opened on Monday it was the talk of the town! Lots of people have commented on it and it's the first time anything like this has been done in our little town centre.'

And the team in the shop in Darwen don't intend to stop there.

'Usually our window contains seasonal layered clothing and bought-in goods, but as this display has gained a lot of attention for the shop we are definitely going to be more creative in the future,' says Shelley. 

'We're already putting together ideas for our Spread the Warmth campaign which is starting soon!'

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