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Blood pressure warning for diabetics

Published on 10 April 2012 10:00 AM

A charity has warned that 50% of diabetes sufferers in the UK also have high blood pressure.

Based on a study of more than two million people, Diabetes UK has highlighted that only half of diabetes patients were managing their blood pressure effectively.

It went on to voice its concern that not enough is being done to help diabetes sufferers who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, warning of the potential health consequences of complications.

Having high blood pressure can increase a person's chances of developing heart disease, kidney failure and stroke.

Barbara Young, Diabetes UK chief executive, said: 'People with diabetes need to be aware that high blood pressure can have a hugely damaging effect on their health. But, instead, we are in danger of high blood pressure becoming the norm in people with the condition and this is one of the reasons they are experiencing record rates of stroke and kidney failure and are dying years younger than the rest of the population.

'We need to get the message across that if you have diabetes then not only should you be aware of your blood pressure, but if it is high then reducing it should be one of your top priorities.'

Diabetes UK reached its conclusions by analysing National Diabetes Audit information from more than two million people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes from 2009/10.

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