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Cameron and Clegg expected to focus on 'old age'

Published on 07 January 2013 09:00 AM

David Cameron and Nick Clegg will focus on social care and 'old age' as part of the mid-term review of the Coalition's programme on Monday.


Among the big announcements, the Prime Minister and his deputy are expected to pledge to 'provide dignity in old age', with information about an improved state pension and details about the cost of long-term care.

Cap on social care

However, reports that they will announce a £75,000 cap on social care costs are believed to be false - with the leaders instead concentrating on a general message of help.

The Dilnot Commission - appointed by the Government - recommended a cap of £35,000 on the cost of social care when it reported in July 2011, but there has since been no official announcement of the amount that the Coalition has decided upon.

Flat-rate pension

In addition, Cameron and Clegg are likely to provide fresh plans for a flat-rate state pension worth at least £140 a week - currently the most you can get is £107.45.

The foreword to their speech states: 'We will set out two big reforms to provide dignity in old age: an improved state pension that rewards saving, and more help with the costs of long-term care.'


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