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Continence care campaign launched

Published on 11 May 2012 10:30 AM

A poster campaign has been launched by the British Geriatrics Society to improve the continence care of people who live in care homes.

The aim of the poster, supported by the Royal College of Nursing, is to counter the presumption that incontinence is something all older people suffer from. It also demonstrates that the simplest of actions can keep people continent.

The Care Quality Commission say that just one in three members of staff in care homes have had training in continence care in the last 12 months.

Almost 400,000 people reside in care homes and 20% of those aged over 85 live in care homes.

Incontinence issues greatly affect the quality of life of those affected, and are often under-diagnosed and under-treated. People with incontinence often keep quiet about it, with some people becoming so scared that they do not drink so as not to wet themselves.

It is estimated by the Care Quality Commission that one third of people who live in a care home do not feel they are given choices about the management of their continence needs.

One in four people who have continence needs feel they cannot choose the gender of the member of staff who helps them use the toilet.

The launched poster gives staff a reminder to research residents' normal bladder and bowel routine, and to be aware that incontinence is a sign something is not right.

Lots of people are not aware that incontinence is a condition which can often be remedied.

The BGS website has copies of the poster available to downloadopens link in new window, and a supportive resource pageopens link in new window is also available.

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