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Courses to be run in care homes

Published on 23 March 2012 09:30 AM

Older people who are no longer able to live independently could benefit from courses provided by a self-help education network.

The University of the Third Age currently offers educational programmes to people online and through its 800-plus local groups across the UK.

But it now plans to cast its net wider by running courses in care homes as well. The organisation said that by offering courses in such institutions it hoped to reach out to what it called 'the fourth age'.

National chairman of the University of the Third Age, Ian Searle, said: 'We aim to provide the quality of life of those who are no longer able to travel to our massively popular learning groups.'

He added that studies have shown how care homes that offer learning opportunities to their residents require fewer sleeping drugs and incontinence pads.

'Without learning opportunities... residents can become over-medicated and under-stimulated,' he said.

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