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Energy savings 'missed by millions'

Published on 20 January 2012 09:00 AM

Failing to properly insulate the home is causing millions of people around the UK to miss out on cash savings on pricey domestic energy supply.

Unnecessarily high tariffs are also costing needless extra cash, a consumer watchdog has said.

Official data show that about a quarter of all homes have inadequate insulation, wasting expensive-to-run heating. A total of 9.6 million homes do not have proper loft insulation and 7.8 million homes do not have proper cavity-wall insulation.

Having such protection against the elements can lead to an average saving of £120 per household, according to the group Consumer Focus.

Another £100 can be saved if the payment method for energy bills is switched to direct debit, it said.

Some companies provide free or discounted insulation, which is taken up by around 100,000 homes every month, although as many as 200,000 are said to be eligible.

Consumer Focus' Mike O'Connor said: 'Changing to a cheaper tariff or payment type can cut your costs.

'Many people also don't realise that energy companies offer free or discounted insulation, and it's a waste not to take advantage of these offers which could shave well over £100 off your bill every year.'

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