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Is Age UK goat-ing crazy?

Published on 04 March 2013 12:01 AM

A herd of goats has been spotted invading an Age UK charity shop in Romford, Essex. Age UK isn't goat-ing crazy though; the furry friends are part of a campaign to raise awareness of how charity donations can help older people overseas.    

Goats, like the ones pictured above, cost just £18 and can provide milk, fertilizer and a valuable source of income to an older person in a developing country.

Which is why Age International - partner charity of Age UK - is calling on the nation's 11.32 million grandparents and their families to donate their unloved goods to Age UK shops. The goods will be sold on to help raise money for grandparents in desperate need.

£4 could buy a mosquito net

Donations can make a real difference to older people in the developing world - a dress which sells for £5 could buy a chicken for an older person, thus providing them with food and an invaluable source of income.

A man's shirt selling for £4 could buy a mosquito net for an older person - protecting them from malaria and potentially making the difference between life and death.

Chris Roles, Director of Age International, said: 'Older people in developing countries are some of the most ignored and marginalised people on the planet.

'That's why we are urging local grandparents and their families to spare a thought for those in desperate need by donating clothes and other items to Age UK shops in March. Items that are collected and then sold through Age UK shops during this period will help to raise vital funds'.

Surviving on less than 60p per day

Age International works in 40 developing countries across the globe where in many cases older people survive on less than 60p per day. Often that money has to support not only themselves but also their grandchildren.

In the developing world it is estimated that there are more than 556 million grandparents, many of whom are the primary carers for their grandchildren.

Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall, author of the Good Granny Guide and ambassador for Age International, said: 'If you're anything like me, you've got clothes you seldom or never wear, taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. Why not start spring-cleaning early by clearing the clutter now.

'By donating them to Age International you could help to improve the life of an older person overseas, as well as their grandchildren. So have a dig around for clothing, shoes and other donations that could change someone's life.'

How to donate

People can donate by looking out for an Age International charity bag posted through their door before 29 March or by taking stock to their local Age UK shop. All items of quality clothes, shoes, accessories, home ware, toys and gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Age International is the only UK charity focusing on older people in developing countries; it exists because older people in these countries are often ignored and have their needs neglected.

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