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Neurology illnesses rising: experts

Published on 17 January 2012 10:30 AM

The number of cases of conditions such as Parkinson's and motor neurone disease (MND) is rising, with a projected increase of 28% in Parkinson's by 2020, experts have revealed.

The current figure for Parkinson's sufferers is around 127,000, and it is predicted to be 162,000 by 2020, creating a 'neurology timebomb' for the NHS, according to the Neurological Alliance.

The condition has been highlighted over the years through famous personalities affected by it, including Hollywood actor Michael J Fox and boxing legend Muhammad Ali. MND cases are due to increase by 27% in the same period and 50 multiple sclerosis sufferers are newly diagnosed each week.

Now the alliance, representing more than 70 charities and organisations, has urged action and said the Government has its 'head in the sand', claiming services are run with no clear strategy and billions of pounds of taxpayers' money is potentially wasted.

Alliance chairman and Parkinson's UK chief executive Steve Ford described the situation as a mess which the Government had to sort out.

'It's not about spending more money: it's about getting good value and quality services,' said Mr Ford.

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