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Older workers struggle to find jobs

Published on 19 April 2012 11:30 AM

The number of older people out of work for at least two years spiked by 13,000 over the New Year period, according to new research.

In a report published by the Office for National Statistics, figures showed that 118,000 people over 49 years old had not been in work for two years or more, around 13,000 more than in the previous quarter.

In other findings, the shorter term unemployment figures for older workers were also seen to have risen, with 4.3% more people aged 50 or over out of work for at least a year than in Q3 2011, taking the total to just under 200,000.

However, a slightly more positive trend was revealed in the overall employment market for older workers, with unemployment for any duration down by 0.3%.

Noticing a further trend in the research, Age UK director general Michelle Mitchell said: 'It's worrying that older women still seem to be among those hardest hit by the UK's weakened economy despite the better overall job figures this month.

'The number of unemployed women aged between 50 and 64 has risen by 27% since this time last year - a significantly bigger increase than any other age group.

'At a time when many women are having to come to terms with a new later state pension age and need to work for longer, we call on employers and the government not to overlook them and to provide training and support to help them continue to play a significant role in the workplace and Britain's economy.'

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