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Over-60s looking for love online

Published on 14 February 2012 01:00 PM

The over-60s are the fastest growing group of online daters, according to new research.

Looking for love and companionship, older people are increasingly turning to the web. While younger adults continue to be the biggest users of online dating sites, 'silver surfers' are the fastest growing group.

The findings turn on its head the idea that internet dating sites encourage casual, no-strings-attached sex.

In fact, older people tend to describe themselves in a gentle and discreet manner on their online profiles, research found.

The findings came to light in research conducted by Bowling Green State University in Ohio in the US. The team found the over-60s present themselves more honestly than youngsters, using realistic photos and being open about what they're looking for.

Dr Wendy Watson, of Bowling Green State University in Ohio in the US said: 'We are finding that older adults appear to market themselves differently on online dating sites than younger adults. Gone is the focus on appearance and status.'

She went on: 'We believe that over 60s appear to be more interested in honest self-representation and being compatible rather than discussing areas such as sexual prowess and nightlife.

'We also found the language of older people's online ads was different when describing themselves and what they were looking for in a relationship. Terms such as "young at heart" and "active" were used to show physical fitness and good health.'

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