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Pension credit going unclaimed, Webb

Published on 10 February 2012 12:00 PM

A minister has claimed that more than a million older people could be missing out on benefits that would help them deal with the freezing temperatures.

Pensions minister Steve Webb said that 1.6 million people could be going without money they are entitled to as it was revealed that nearly £3 billion of pension credit goes unclaimed every year.

Mr Webb said he was 'concerned' that more than a million older people 'could be missing out on pension credit cash of up to £137.35 a week.'

'During this cold snap it's even more important that people claim so they don't miss out on cold weather payments,' he added.

People who receive pension credit qualify for a cold weather payment when the mercury plummets to or below freezing on average for seven days in a row.

Whether people have savings or own property they could still be entitled to pension credit - which boosts a couple's weekly income by as much as £210. Those living alone get a boost of up to £137.35.

Mr Webb added: 'If anyone thinks a family member, a friend or neighbour might be entitled to pension credit, I'd encourage them to ask them to get in touch and find out.'

People can claim pension credit in one free phone call on 0800 99 1234.

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