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Rise in stroke-related 999 calls

Published on 28 February 2012 12:00 PM

The Department of Health has said a campaign which points out the main symptoms of a stroke caused more people to make an emergency call when they thought they or someone else might have been experiencing one.

A total of 229,974 stroke-related 999 calls were registered by the NHS in England after the last campaign finished in April and May 2011, an increase of almost a quarter (24%).

The number of stroke sufferers who were treated more quickly also increased by 16%, the Department said.

The Act Fast stroke campaign, which runs every year, urges people to watch out for symptoms such as facial weakness, when a person cannot smile or their mouth or eye has drooped.

An inability to raise one's arms or speak clearly could also point to a stroke.

If people observe any of these symptoms, they are urged to call 999 immediately.

The next campaign is set to be run from the end of February to March 25.

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