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Standard of care rated on internet

Published on 20 February 2012 10:30 AM

Older people can review the standard of care offered across England on a new website.

Many of us already click onto the internet to carry out research before acquiring anything from a new bank account to everyday items such as TVs.

Now reviews of care for older people can be checked online in the same way that hotels can be researched on travel websites.

The new independent searchable database, called the Good Care Guide, gives people the opportunity to rate care homes and home care, along with childcare providers such as nurseries and nanny agencies.

Organisers claim it will increase transparency and drive up standards by offering 'real, honest feedback on what is available' in the care sector by giving clients and their families a say.

The Good Care Guide has information on almost 60,000 care homes and home care and childcare providers.

People using the site can make comments on the level of care provided, as well as rating providers on factors such as facilities and quality of care.

Stephen Lowe, social care policy adviser for Age UK said: 'In principle we agree with the initiative. However, the problem with consumer ratings is that unless the volumes of people involved are high enough, systems are open to distortion.

'Hotels tend to have a high turnover of guests, but care homes don't which is where the information provided could be misleading.'

The Good Care Guide has been developed over the past year by My Family Care and United for All Ages.

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