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Warning over social care cost reform

Published on 05 January 2012 11:00 AM

Experts have warned that plans to cap social care costs at £35,000 do not go far enough, and have predicted that the individual will still have to endure some of the cost for such services.

Last summer, economist Andrew Dilnot recommended a cap of £35,000 in a government-commissioned review, but the King's Fund think-tank's Richard Humphries believes that the final cap will have to be higher, while other experts have warned that the Government and the individual will both have to foot the cost of their care.

He said: 'My feeling is that in the current climate it may have to be a bit higher to be affordable [for government].'

The UK's three main political parties are expected to hold talks later this month to consider Mr Dilnot's recommendation that social care costs are capped at £35,000.

Although some experts believe that this amount will not cover all costs related, social care service providers have welcomed their decision to consider reforming the current system.

Despite cross-part cooperation, the public is still expected to pay for a significant proportion of the costs out of their own pocket.

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