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Age Champions

Working to make our country a great place to grow older.

We've been working with Age Champion MPs since 2015 to help the older people who need us most. Will you join us?

What do Age Champions do?

More than 10 million people in England are over 65, and the number will only grow as our population gets older. This is a cause for celebration, but it also presents challenges for individuals, our communities and the Government to make sure we can all live well, independently and with dignity as we age. We work with our Age Champions to meet this challenge together.

As Age Champions, MPs receive regular updates on the big issues that affect older people in their local area and an area profile with data on their constituency. We also provide an outline on how we can support your work as an Age Champion to help make your constituency and the UK a better place to grow older.

Who are our current Age Champions?

See below a full list of Age Champion MPs and information about the campaigns they support.

What campaigns can MPs support?

We're encouraging all MPs to show their support for these campaigns. We work closely with our Age Champions, exploring how they can get involved and help the older people most in need - in their constituency and beyond.

About our campaigns

Switched Off

For many older people, TV is their only company. We want to save free TV licences for the over 75s.

Care in Crisis

The Government must address the fact too many older people don’t get the essential care they desperately need.

Security for older private renters

Older renters can be evicted from their homes at short notice, even when they've done nothing wrong. This leaves so many people insecure and anxious about the future. We want to make sure that's no longer possible.

No Age Limit: older people and domestic abuse

There's no age limit on domestic violence. But there is an age limit to the data collected on it - 74. We're campaigning for a number of changes that will protect older people from abuse and make sure existing safeguarding services are appropriate for them.

How do I become an Age Champion MP?

Want to join over 100 other MPs in supporting older people? Become an Age Champion by emailing

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Last updated: Feb 04 2021

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