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Shopmobility to help make your shopping visit easier

You can visit us at Merry Hill Shopping Centre 01384 267007

If you need to hire a manual wheelchair or a mobility scooter to help make your shopping visit easier we are here to help you. We now do a home hire service hiring wheelchairs over longer period of time, please call one of our friendly staff to find out more infomation on this.


Anyone who needs a bit of help with their mobility, any age and you do not need to be registered disabled. Manual wheelchairs can be hired to all, under 18s being accompanied by an adult. Electrical scooters only available for hire to over 18’s. 


Age UK Dudley operates the Shopmobility Service at Merry Hill Shopping Centre. You will find us on the Upper Mall next to Primark.Disabled parking is available opposite on the cinema carpark. 


How to Hire

We will always try to ensure that the right equipment is available for you. Call us on 01384 267007 to discuss your needs.


If you require an electric wheelchair or scooter you will need to be registered on a daily, annual or organisational membership.

No prior booking is necessary for manual wheelchairs.

Induvial hire of electric wheelchairs and scooters can be booked up to 7 days in advance. Organisation booking require 14 Days prior. 


How to register

Registration is simple, you will need to bring with you a current Driving Licence, or one of the following, up to date Utility Bill, Bank Statement or formal letter, all must have your name and current address on. 




Individuals  £12.00 per annum, £4 Daily membership 


Organisational  £30 per annum, £20  Daily membership


Hire Charges


Electric wheelchairs or scooters £6.00 per hire session


Manual wheelchairs (registered members) £5.00 per day


Manual wheelchairs (non members) £7.00 per day


A £20 deposit with proof of address with proof of address or current Driving Licence or Passport will be required for non members wishing to hire a manual wheelchair, £20 and document give back when the equipment is returned.

Long term manual wheelchair hire available up to six weeks (longer please call for details) with the register fee of £12 Plus a £38 returnable deposit is required for long term hires.

Radar keys, badge holders, a selection of walking aids and living aids are for sale at Shopmobility.

Bus pass checking service available £1 (Please call for details)

Greenline Couch booking and trip payment point. 


Our Opening Hours are:


Monday to Friday: 9.00am  - 7.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am  - 5.00pm  

Sunday: 11.00am  - 4.00pm

Bank Holidays 10.00am  - 5.00pm  / Christmas period will vary


If you would like more information on Shopmobility or to discuss your requirements, please contact the Shopmobility Team on:   

Tel: 01384 267007


In addition our at our premises in Merry Hill you can find our Information and Advice Service as well as our Products and Services.


Staff and volunteers are available to help you with Information and Advice enquiries and to provide you with Products and Services information.


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