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Learning at Age UK Knaresborough

Autumn 2014

Please book and pay in advance for all courses. We need at least 6 people to run a course so please book and let us know that you are interested.

How to Book  

You can book by calling in at Cliff House and filling in a booking form or send details of the course you want along with a cheque to Cliff House, Hilton Lane, Knaresborough, HG5 8BX. Cheques should be made out to Age UK Knaresborough.


Autumn 2014 Programme      

Computing for Beginners (6 Weeks) £50 Start Date: Tuesday 30th September 1-3pm

This is a course for absolute beginners (or those who are self taught and want to know they are doing it right!) and will introduce you to the use of computers and encourage you to have confidence when using a computer.

You will be shown how to switch a computer on and off, how to use the mouse and keyboard effectively. You will use Microsoft Word to create simple documents and Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the Internet and search for information. The course will also introduce you to sending e-mail.


Computing for Improvers/Refreshers:

Word Course (4 weeks) £36 Start Date: Wednesday 1st October 1 - 3pm

This course will revise Word basics and then build on this to create more complex documents including tables, images, the use of tabs, headers and footers new formatting techniques and more....


Internet Course (4 weeks) £36 Start Date: Wednesday 5th November 1 - 3pm

This course will include internet basics and jargon, how to find what you want on the internet, the use of favourites, what is history, internet security, using the internet to shop/bank and more...

???Streaming, pop-ups, downloading???  Come and learn more.


Computing Club Autumn 2014 - Wednesday (10am - 12)
See Autumn Computer Club Programme 2014 - book sessions in advance  £10/2hour


Digital Photography Course (5 Weeks) £45 Start Date: Friday 26th September

This course is designed for beginners and improvers alike. It will cover such topics as how to download your photos, organise and edit your photos.


Tablet Computers (iPads and androids)

See Autumn Computer Club Programme 2014  


For further information:

Tel: 01423 864956