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Tips to Stay Cool

03 July 2017

Everyone has been looking forward to some summer sunshine but it’s worth remembering that when the temperature goes up it can present health risks.

Age UK issues Top Tips to help you keep cool in a heatwave


The importance of staying cool and keeping well in hot weather cannot be over-estimated, as older people can be particularly susceptible to heat-related illness. Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition and can develop if heat exhaustion is left untreated. All of us, neighbours, family and friends should provide whatever support we can for older people, particularly those living alone. 


Age UK offers a range of free information and advice designed to help older people live well during the summer months and protect themselves when the temperature soars. Download below the factsheet by Sheelagh Donovan, Technical Advice Supporter at Age UK, which shares the Charity’s top tips staying cool and well in the warmer weather.