You can never be too old to go online. Accessing the internet opens up a world of opportunities including financial inclusion, improving independence and reducing social isolation and loneliness.

Go OnlineWe have a computer loan project that is ideal if you are considering buying a computer but would like to 'try before you buy'. This scheme involves loaning a computer with internet access for a limited period whilst receiving support from a volunteer.  

We also work closely with other organisations and businesses to offer computer and Ipad taster sessions. If you would like to find out more about these sessions then contact us using the details below.

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Telephone: 0191 232 6488



2nd Floor

MEA House

Ellison Place

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Information NOW is an interactive website for adults in Newcastle which enables you to find information and advice easily.  With over 300 articles, 1500 organisations and a calendar of events you can find everything in one place on the site. 

Whether you are a professional supporting someone to find activities or you want to take up a new hobby or get fitter, this site will help you find what you need.  You can create an account, save your searches in favourites, share the information with a friend and print the information out. 

To find information and articles on a wide range of topics including caring for someone, hobbies and fitness click here

To find information on charities and support groups as well as council and statutory bodies, click here. 

To find events and activities such as computer courses, gardening, music and arts and crafts, click here. 

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