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Wanted: Window Dresser

Published on 26 February 2020 09:21 PM


We need someone with style, fashion and flair to make us look the best dressed shop in Selby.

Our windows are the focus point of our shop at 50 Micklegate and keeping them looking good and topical is an important part of our fund-raising effort.

Maybe you have window dressing experience and would be willing to give us a couple of hours a week of your time, or perhaps there are some fashion or art students out there who'd like the idea of a blank canvas to work on and show off your talents.

Not only would it give you a potentially great portfolio, it would also give you useful work experience and a reference to help you on your way when you hit the job market.

We're an independent charity raising funds for people aged 50 plus in Selby and surrounding districts.

Our aim is to help prevent loneliness and isolation so by helping us you can help hundreds of people in our area.

The opportunity is open to anyone 16 years and over.

For more details contact Nicola Kelly on 01757 704115.