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Age UK Suffolk relies on volunteers to help us offer vital services in the local community.

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Why volunteer with Age UK Suffolk?

Ask our volunteers ‘why they volunteer?’ .......

They may tell you that it’s because they’ve made new friends, feel they’ve given something back to their local community or simply because it’s fun. 

They may say they have built new skills or added valuable experience to their CV or improved their own quality of life with a new sense of purpose and confidence. The reasons may vary but with our range of opportunities, we offer you a chance to feel valued and make a difference to the lives of older people in your community. 

Take a look at the range of roles we offer and our current vacancies, read our frequently asked questions and listen to what our volunteers themselves have to say.

Current vacancies

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a volunteer?

You will be asked to complete a registration form and to provide the details of two people whom you have known for at least a year who would be willing to give a reference on your behalf. Unfortunately we cannot accept family members as referees.

Will I have to do a DBS check?

Age UK Suffolk does not automatically exclude people who have a criminal record however it is committed to safeguarding older people we work with from exposure to people who have been barred from working or volunteering with adults. Consequently some roles require a Disclosure and Barring (DBS) service check – for example, our visiting befriending service. Whilst many volunteers have already had DBS checks undertaken, you may still need to undertake another. We can accept a DBS which has been registered with the DBS ‘Update Service’ providing it applies to the same workforce and where the same level/type of check is required. 

What if I don't know what to do?

Don’t worry – we can tell you about the volunteering roles we have on offer and check our current vacancy list to help you find something that will suit you. Wherever possible and appropriate we encourage prospective volunteers to meet with staff and volunteers or undertake a ‘taster’ session before deciding whether a role is right for them. Sometimes people change their minds, so we try hard to look for an alternative.

How much time do I have to give as a volunteer?

Obviously volunteers have other commitments so we will help you find a role which fits in with what you are looking for. It’s important that you don’t feel you have over committed so we’ll discuss hours and frequency with you. In some circumstances the service itself will dictate when a volunteering opportunity is available – for example, our befriending service operates in normal working hours, weekdays. Some people volunteer only short term whilst others volunteer for many years – occasionally we ask for a specific commitment. 

Can I volunteer for more than one role?

Of course, many of our volunteers support more than one of our services by taking on more than one role. There’s no obligation to do so though.

Will I be able to claim any expenses?

As a volunteer you willingly give your time but we don’t expect you to be out of pocket – so we do pay all reasonable expenses claims incurred within your volunteering role such as mileage or telephone calls. As a charity we work hard to use our budget carefully, so we do take this into account when placing you as a volunteer. 

Will you be able to give me a reference?

Yes, we can provide a reference to a prospective employer or for other purposes, confirming your period of volunteering with Age UK Suffolk and the role you hold.

How will volunteering affect my benefits?

We recognise that volunteering can be a really positive experience for people who are looking for work – helping others, gaining skills and experience, building a CV and gaining confidence.  Obviously your volunteering would not stand in the way of you attending interviews or visiting the Job Centre etc. We cannot advise you with regards to your specific circumstances so suggest you speak to your Job Centre Plus if you want to know more about how volunteering will impact on benefits. 

Are there are any age limits?

We welcome anyone aged 18 and above – there is no upper age limit!

What Support will I get?

Any additional support needs will be discussed with you prior to starting and taken into account when finding a suitable volunteering opportunity.  We have a role description for each of our volunteering opportunities and every volunteer receives a Volunteer Handbook. When you start your ‘supervisor/line manager’ will welcome you and provide an induction together with ongoing support. You will be given any training needed to ensure that you can carry out your role and from time to time you will be offered other training opportunities as they arise. We have an in-house staff/volunteer newsletter which can be sent to you by email or will be available on site where you volunteer.  

Additional support/advice can be obtained from our HR Manager or Volunteer Administrator.

Meet two of our fantastic volunteers.

  • Maggie volunteers at our Claydon reception.

    "On taking early retirement I felt that I did not want to give up on office work which I had done since school. So I volunteered to do office work for Age UK Suffolk at Claydon.

    I only do 3 hours a week but it does not matter how little you can give this is much appreciated".

  • Susan volunteers in our finance office and reception.

    "Volunteering is one of the best decisions I have made. After losing my mum and with my daughter off to university, I had a strong urge to get into the workplace and feel needed again so I started volunteering in the Finance Dept at Claydon.

    Volunteering has given me back my self esteem and it has been good to learn some new skills."

What else you can do to support us

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