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Choosing the right care home for you

Your care home should be a happy and comfortable place to live - in short, it should feel like home. Thinking about what you want and need from a care home is a good place to start.

What should I look for in a care home?

When you find a care home that seems suitable, you can visit it more than once. Find out as much as you can about a care home to help you to make an informed choice.

Before visiting a home, take these key steps:

  1. Make sure the home provides the level of care you need or could need in the future.
  2. Check if the home currently has any vacancies. If it doesn’t, find out how long the waiting list is.
  3. Read the home’s brochure or website before your visit, and call or email the home to speak to the staff or manager.
  4. Read the most recent inspection report for the home. You can ask the home for it, or look for it on the CQC website

What to look for in a care home

What questions should I ask when I'm looking around?

Here are suggestions for a number of things that you might want to find out. Don’t feel you have to ask everything; think about what is most important or relevant to you. Download and print our care home checklist, which includes all of these questions, below.

Download our care home checklist

Use our checklist to help you decide questions to ask and things to consider when you're visiting care homes.

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Last updated: May 18 2020

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