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Fix care for good

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Help us fix social care.

Right now, the care system is broken.

Our care system was already at crisis point, but the coronavirus pandemic has made it even weaker. Millions of older people are struggling to get the support they need, and carers are often left to manage on their own.

The Prime Minister’s announcement of a Health and Social Care Levy, and proposed cap on costs, shows us that the Government finally wants to take action on this. However, their plan does nothing to help older people and carers right now.

Take action now – ask your MP to stand up for unpaid carers

We're calling on the Government to truly fix care, so we can guarantee better care for older people, more support for carers and decent pay for care workers.

Older people can’t be side-lined any longer, they need change now.

Read Caroline Abrahams, Age UK Charity Director’s response to the Budget

The Chancellor recently announced more money for local government in his spending review. Sadly, this will be very thinly spread among underfunded council services so ‘the future of social care remains as uncertain as ever’.

We're calling for a new national system that's free and available to everyone when they need it.

What we want

We’re calling for a comprehensive, immediate funding package for councils to spend on social care so they can deliver:

  • high-quality care for older people when and where they need it
  • support for unpaid carers
  • better terms and conditions for care workers.

The current state of care

A number of issues still haven't been addressed:

  • Underfunding – since 2010 the state has cut its spending on adult social care by £86 million despite a rapidly increasing demand because of our ageing population
  • Postcode lottery – despite the 2014 Care Act introducing a national system of eligibility, local variation is still leaving many older people without any support
  • Unmet need –1.6 million people aged 65+ don't receive the care and support they need with essential living activities
  • Declining access – cuts in local authority care services have placed increasing pressure on unpaid carers

Our Director, Caroline Abrahams, says that the Health and Social Care Levy is “a once in a generation opportunity to improve social care that must not be allowed to slip away.”

Read her response to the Prime Minister’s plans here.

'Why call it care when nobody cares?'

We asked 127 older people and their families, around the country, about the social care system, its successes, failures and how it could be improved. Our video shares some of their stories. Read our campaign report to find out more.

Read our report

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Last updated: Jun 28 2022

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