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Find your feet at a dance class

Are you inspired by the new film, Finding Your Feet, to put on your dancing shoes?

There are lots of classes across the UK where can go to show off your moves, including at many local Age UKs. These relaxed classes cover different styles and beginners are welcome to attend.

Contact your local Age UK to see if they run dance classes in your area.


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Can't find an Age UK class near you?

You can find dance classes, and other exercise classes, suitable to your needs through Exercise Move Dance, the national governing body for group exercise. The British Dance Council website also lists dance schools across the UK.

Why dancing?

Dancing is a fantastic way to up your exercise levels and have fun at the same time, no matter your age. Of all the performing arts, dance is the one that has emerged as the most therapeutic when it comes to staving off the mental and physical ravages of old age.

According to research from the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing dance can be particularly beneficial to older people.

Four ways dancing can help:

  1. Help to prevent falls. Dance programmes also have better retention rates than alternative NHS initiatives.
  2. Provide a form of aerobic exercise that can be adaped to suit your level of ability, so it's easier to be more active.
  3. Improve balance, strength, gait, posture and rection time which helps to keep us steadier on our feet.
  4. Improve our mental wellbeing, as well as our physical fitness. The social nature of dance classes can also help those feeling isolated or lonely.

Two left feet?

If dancing is not for you, we deliver a range of services across the UK including exercise classes and social activities.

Finding Your Feet

Age UK has joined forces with Entertainment One for the making and launch of a new film, Finding Your Feet - a modern, uplifting comedy that highlights some of the challenges that can be faced in later life, while also showing that it's never too late to start again.

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Last updated: Nov 05 2019

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