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Resources for further research

The web links below are useful for finding information about older people in the UK.

National level statistics

The links below are good sources for official statistics at the national level.

Office for National Statistics

New ONS publications

Labour market stats

House of Commons

Library (deposited papers)

Department for Work and Pensions

Stats and surveys (Family Resources Survey, Households Below Average Income, Pensioner Income Series)

DWP benefit take-up estimates

Department of Health/NHS

NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)

GP Patient Survey

 UK Data Service

UK Data Service


From the Government's Economic and Social Data Service, you can search for information on variables on more than 550 datasets, including the following surveys:

  • Annual Population Survey (End user licensed datasets only)
  • Labour Force Surveys/Northern Ireland Labour Force Survey
  • General Household Survey/Continuous Household Survey (Northern Ireland)
  • Family Expenditure Survey/Northern Ireland Family Expenditure Survey
  • Expenditure and Food Survey National Food Survey
  • Family Resources Survey
  • ONS Omnibus Survey
  • Survey of English Housing
  • Health Survey for England/Welsh Health Survey/Scottish Health Survey (SHeS)
  • Scottish Crime Survey
  • British Social Attitudes/Scottish Social Attitudes/Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey (and the former Northern Ireland Social Attitudes)/Young People's Social Attitudes (periodic offshoot of the BSA)
  • National Travel Survey
  • Time Use Survey

Government's Economic and Social Data Service

Local level statistics

The web links below are useful for finding information about older people in the UK. Some of them require you to register (usually no charge). These pages are places to find out information at the local level.

Projecting Older People: Population Information

Health and care statistics at England, Region, Local Authority, and District levels. Note: you have to register to access the data, but it is free - just click on the Register button in Login box. This covers ages 65+.

For ages 16 - 64, see the parallel site PANSI.

Projecting Older People: Population Information (POPPI)

NOMIS: official labour market statistics

Available at national, regional, local authority, and ward levels.

NOMIS (Official labour market statistics - employment etc)

Church Urban Fund

At parish level, ranks parish poverty, and compares selected parish poverty on several indicators to the lowest and highest in the country.

Church Urban Fund poverty statistics

Office for National Statistics

Official National Statistics on many topics. Local Authority to Ward level.

Neighbourhood statistics

Sport England

Sport and exercise data split by age band (55+ is all older people); available at Local Authority level.

Active lives survey

Other sources of reports and statistics


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Last updated: Oct 16 2023

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