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What we research

As an authority on ageing and older people's issues, research is at the heart of all we do.

In-house and commissioned research

In-house, we carry out research on health, social, and economic issues of ageing; we undertake literature reviews; and we develop indices of different dimensions of ageing, for example the index of risk of loneliness. We also carry out evaluations of our services and have developed an evaluation guide and toolkit for others to use.

From time to time we commission specific research projects and evaluations out to third parties, often by competitive tender.

Furthermore, we support Age UK to be an authority on ageing by collecting, analysing, and synthesising research carried out by others, such as academics, government departments, and other organisations.

The evidence generated in these ways underpins Age UK's work, for example in influencing, campaigning, service development, and impact measurement. We also make much of this work freely available on our webpages in our reports, blogs, and other products.

Our publications

View all of the latest reports, literature reviews and evaluations from Research.

Research projects

Estimating needs in older people

This research explores the unmet needs of older people in areas such as care and support, poverty, poor housing, loneliness and isolation. We wanted to find out how many older people live with unmet needs, multiple needs, and in what combinations.

Read this research

Partnering with us

Age UK will consider supporting research proposals that align with our vision of making the UK a great place to grow older.  We work in partnership with researchers on designing, implementing and transferring knowledge from research programmes, to enhance the impact of research and improve later life.

Please note the following:

  • We have capacity to support only a small number of high quality programmes that we are confident will result in benefits for older people.  Decisions on which programmes we will support are at the discretion of our research team.
  • As an applicant, you must be affiliated to a legitimate research institution, university or hospital.
  • We do not provide funding for research projects.
  • To work with you effectively, we need early involvement in your research proposal.  Please give us at least 6 weeks’ notice before the submission deadline of your application to the funder.
  • In providing a letter of support for your application, Age UK is not supervising the project and therefore takes no responsibility for the research undertaken.  Age UK is not liable for any claims concerning negligence, harm or oversight that might arise during the course of the research.

If you would like to invite us to endorse or collaborate with you on your application for funding, please download the form below and return it, along with your CV and your draft grant application, to

Partnership request form (DOC 87 KB)

We participate in a competitive internship scheme for PhD students run by the research councils, which places a limited number of interns each year. Anyone interested can find more information here:

Resources for further research

If you are conducting research into ageing or planning an evaluation, you may want to take a look at our useful resources.

Policy & Research Update

Read about Age UK's latest publicly available research and policy information in our monthly email.

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Last updated: Mar 04 2020

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