Rydym yn defnyddio cwcis i roi'r profiad gorau i chi. Drwy barhau i ddefnyddio'r safle hwn, rydych yn cytuno i'n polisi. Darllenwch fwy am sut rydym yn defnyddio cwcis a darganfod sut y gallwch chi newid gosodiad cwcis eich porwr
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Dylai neb fod heb neb – taclo unigrwydd

Loneliness and isolation are a daily reality for many older people – 75,000 older people in Wales have reported 'always or often' feeling lonely.

Age Cymru believes loneliness and isolation should be recognised and treated as a public health priority and we want local authorities to take the following steps:

• Create safe, accessible built environments with places to meet that are easily accessible by integrated local public and community transport;

• Involve older people in identifying and developing solutions to isolation;

• Work with housing, transport, health, care, voluntary sector organisations and GPs to deliver practical and emotional help to tackle loneliness;

• Provide services that prevent or manage loneliness and isolation at life stages which are likely to increase loneliness, such as bereavement, having to stop driving or moving to a new home or residential care;

• Agree specific local actions to reduce loneliness and monitor and evaluate their impact.

Dylai neb fod heb neb

Mae ein maniffesto ‘Dylai neb fod heb neb’ yn edrych ar weithrediadau gallai awdurdodau lleol fod yn eu creu er mwyn taclo’r problemau mae Bill, Amra ac Olwen yn eu hwynebu.


Last updated: Ion 10 2023

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