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decision TBC around whether we can say 'abuse victims' or 'victims of abuse'

not advisor

try to include someone's age if it adds context to their story. Don't force people to tell you their age

not age friendly

not aging

Age UK
Age UK is, not Age UK are
use 'we' as much as possible eg 'We are here for older people...'
we are a charity, not an organisation, business or company

Age Co
commercial entity

Age UK Advice Line
or 'our advice line'
not helpline

a disease, a form of dementia

Levi Roots is an Age UK Ambassador

not amongst

should only be used in brand names eg M&S

We use straight apostrophes ' instead of curly apostrophes ’. That's because not all browsers understand the curly apostrophe and will make the apostrophe look something like this: ’

This isn’t great for the user experience.

If you copy and paste text from Microsoft Word or Google docs, you will have to replace the curly apostrophes in the CMS. Do this by deleting and retyping the apostrophe.

Is anything missing from the Age UK style guide?

Do you need clarification on any style questions? Let us know!


Last updated: Oct 08 2019

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