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network (all Age UKs and Age International)
not group, family


Use 'one' unless you’re talking about a step, a point in a list or another situation where using the numeral makes more sense: 'in step 1 of the process', for example. Or this:

There are 7 types of benefit you may be able to claim.

These include:

  • 1 for your everyday needs
  • 2 to support your regular caregiver

Write all other numbers in numerals (including 2 to 9) except where it's part of a common expression like 'one or two of them' where numerals would look strange.

If a number starts a sentence, write it out in full (Twenty-two for example) except where it starts a title or subheading.

One to nine – write out
10 and above – use numerals

£1 million NOT £1m or £1,000,000

1,000 not 1000


Is anything missing from the Age UK style guide?

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Last updated: Oct 08 2019

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