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capital letters
use for brand names, programmes, services and products. Otherwise, use sparingly. No title caps please

care home
not carehome
a nursing home is a type of care home (it has resident medical staff)
a dementia care home is a type of care home. Do not call it an EMI care home
residential care is the umbrella term for care homes

Age UK is a charity, not a Charity, organisation, business or company

use whatever helps keep the sentence clear and unambiguous

feel free to use contractions, we're, you're, can't, won't, shouldn't, don't – they're less formal

means regularly, often

means constantly, always

never Coronavirus. Try to use coronavirus over COVID-19 as it's more widely understood. When using COVID-19, note the capital letters and dash. 

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Last updated: Feb 08 2021

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