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use em dash (–) not en dash (-)
use sparingly

8 August 2018 – no commas, no th
eg Wednesday 8 August 2018
exceptions can be made where space is limited, eg Lines are open 9am – 5pm, Mon  Fri 

day centre
not daycentre

speak plainly  use death, dying, died, someone who has died, when someone dies
not passed away, passed on
but be sensitive  don't say when you die

the umbrella term for symptoms and conditions including Alzheimer's, vascular dementia

not dementia friendly

for information on appropriate language when discussing disability, refer to page 27 of the Disability Handbook by the National Union of Journalists

more easily understood than GP

if you need to include a download, let your users know what kind of document they'll be downloading. For example, we show something is a PDF using the PDF symbol.

Example of a PDF link

Don't worry about including the size of the PDF as this looks messy and the information isn't helpful to users. This is something we used to do but will start phasing out.

For more information about PDFs, read the entry on the 'P' page.

Is anything missing from the Age UK style guide?

Do you need clarification on any style questions? Let us know!

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Last updated: Oct 08 2019

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