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PDFs are really poor for accessibility. If people are reading information online, there is no reason to provide it in a PDF, because it's far easier to read that information on a web page. We therefore avoid using them and put the information in a web page wherever possible.

The only exception is if someone is likely to read the document as a print-out.

When linking to a PDF, ensure users are aware it's a PDF by including the PDF symbol:

Example of PDF

You no longer need to state the size of the PDF.

For more information on why we don't use PDFs, read the GOV.UK guidance on accessibility of PDFs and the Nielsen Norman Group's article 'Avoid PDF for On-Screen Reading'.

% not per cent or percent

PIN number
(even though we know it's wrong)

phone numbers
break up phone numbers like this:
020 7856 123
01653 618 657
If a company has a set way of writing their number, use that

power of attorney
lasting power of attorney (LPA), enduring power of attorney (EPA)

capitalise, eg Staying Sharp, One Digital

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Last updated: Oct 08 2019

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